Today we are sitting down with Jesse Tepedino to learn more about his role in Property Operations at Landis! 

Describe your role at Landis.

I manage the acquisition, property management and divestment processes of all the homes Landis purchases on behalf of our clients. 

What does that actually mean?

Once a client gets pre-approved, they begin searching for a house and I am responsible for everything from the moment they find a house that interests them. That includes making an offer on the property, ordering and reviewing the inspection, reviewing title, getting the pending home owners documents prepared and signed, and having them move into the home. Once they’re in the home, I am also their point of contact for any property-related items such as repairs and maintenance. I handle the transaction process when our client purchases the home back from Landis and becomes a homeowner.

So Jesse, this isn’t always what you have done for a career, is it? 

It is not! I graduated from law school seven years ago. I practiced commercial and residential real estate at one of NJ’s biggest law firms. A few years ago I had the opportunity to join the business side of a national home builder where I spent over 2 years. Then I was fortunate to find a role with Landis. 

Law background, that is very interesting. How has this helped you in your role at Landis?

At Landis I get to wear a lot of hats. Having a legal background helps since I am drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a lot of contracts such as landlord-tenant contracts and sales agreements of homes. The balance between the business side and legal side of property operations is on the forefront of what I do on a daily basis.

Given your experience in the world of real estate, what advice would you give a potential home buyer?

Stay patient! Purchasing a home, especially your first home, is both a rational and irrational decision. It’s easy to fall in love with one home, even multiple homes, but remember that your home will likely be your most valuable asset, as well as a long-term commitment. 

What would your dream be if you had no constraints?

I would be the proprietor of a vineyard and winery in Napa Valley. I’ve been told I have the best palate in the northeast real estate market. 

What is the best thing about working at Landis?

The team and the mission are both amazing.  The Founders put together a well-rounded, dynamic team of co-workers. Further, the opportunity to help people from all walks of life – some of whom have been disenfranchised with the home buying process – fulfill their goals of owning