My many years in the mortgage industry, helping my clients find the right financing, have taught me one thing: the real estate industry is fraught with ups and downs. A roller coaster from the first contact made, the uphill climb of pre-approval, descending and ascending with each contract submitted. A zig with inspection, a zag with appraisal, flips and twirls, till you descend with keys in hand to your brand new home. To be candid, this experience is as nauseating as it can be thrilling.

With each step, another risk is layered. Clients depend on guidance from their realtor and lending partners. How much are we pre-approved for? How much should we offer? Is this home going to appraise? What kind of repairs are the sellers willing to make? With each question, our client’s dreams of home ownership are at a precipice, and can quickly manifest into an “I’m sorry, but we are unable to proceed at this time.” “Your application was denied” “The offer wasn’t accepted.” “The home didn’t appraise.”

The no’s are leering around every corner.  

When faced with having to dole out another blow, wouldn’t you rather be the realtor offering a solution? Landis to the rescue! The superhero solution, solving problems, savings deals, and serving clients.

Landis, the homeownership company, has designed a platform that efficiently collaborates with your clients, approves them for a cash offer, closes the deal in two to three weeks, and rents the property to the clients, until they are ready to take over ownership.

Within 12 months, Landis will assist clients with credit repair, saving for down payment and closing costs, all while able to live in the home of their choosing. Rent is charged at market rates, a Home Ownership Credit account is created to collect and save the money needed for down payment and closing costs. When clients are mortgage ready, they purchase the home at a predetermined purchase amount.

Landis doesn’t make money until clients purchase the home themselves, creating an incentive to purchase on the client and investor side. This is the Landis difference, not your average rent to own business. The priority is homeownership for everyone, taking one major leap towards achieving the American Dream. Sound too good to be true? In this instance, Landis defies the probability of the old adage. Realtors get their commissions, save the day for their clients, homes are purchased, and the American Dream continues.